The Super-Paramount Banjo – A Masterpiece from every angle.

   Its tone-amplifying body construction is entirely revolutionary, bringing advanced ideas to the tone producing structure of the Banjo.

   New devices for creating chambers for amplification of tone – together with additional tone channels for emitting sustained tones of greater resonance and power – are here introduced as the greatest of Banjo achievements.

   Super-Paramount has a triple acousticon structure for projecting the amplified tone forward, including a large convex all-wood resonator back for the fullness of bass notes and a scientific alloy metal center acousticon of marvelous ringing quality for brilliancy of the treble.

   Super-Paramount is built for the most exacting professional requirements. Its action is exceedingly facile, offering a responsiveness and ease for technical passages that is unequalled.

   The new Tone Modifier or Vibrato Mute is an exclusive feature.  There is no limit to the beauty or the variety of vibrant musical effects that it can be made to produce. The vibrato is operated by a gentle and easy wrist action. When the full muted tone is wanted, the deft pressure of a button on top of the Tone Modifier engages the mute and bridge in a truly sweet-voiced, full muted effect that cannot change the pitch of the instrument.


   Triple step-up resonators producing a balanced tone of bass and treble.

   Scientific exterior and interior rim con­

struction essentially different from all other Banjos.

   Tone Modifier or Vibrato Mute.

   Neck Adjuster (action regulator) – a simple device for regulating the action as desired.

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   Many of the world's greatest Banjo artists have endorsed the Super-Paramount as the ultimate of Banjo performance and Banjo richness.

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   Plectrum Banjos at the same prices as for tenors.

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   Descriptions and prices of all models on the following page.

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   United States and Rep. of France patents allowed.

“Ensemble King” Model


   Choice 1st growth maple used in neck, rim and resonator rigidly constructed  and  reinforced  – tastefully inlaid and finished throughout.  All metal parts highly polished nickel plated. Vibrato Mute;  23" scale;  Page geared pegs;  Paramount strings.  A fascinating instrument from every conceivable angle.  All Super-Paramount construction features.


PRICE $250.00